If you are a current member of our military or are an honored veteran and are in need of our help in any way we encourage you to contact us.

Jordan's Initiative was established by Christian Haerter, Jordan's dad, and his partner Michelle Severance shortly after Jordan's death in Iraq in 2008 as a way to honor the life of this heroic young man and as a way to keep his spirit and compassionate heart alive through charitable works within the community. Our goal is to provide direct support and aide to members of our armed services and their families in times of need. We understand fully the hardships that many currently deployed troops, veterans, and their families often suffer in providing us with the freedoms that we take so much for granted. By eliminating red tape and bureaucratic processes, we are able to act quickly and flexibly in providing the family or individual with immediate aide when it is required. Our help comes in many forms: direct monetary aide, food, rent, medicine, medical care, scholarships, home improvement, care packages for our troops, clothing, physical rehabilitation, donations to other worthy charitable causes, etc....

While we rely primarily on direct monetary donation's to continue our efforts, we also value the donation of volunteered time and services during certain periods of the year to help us with our fund raising activities.

If you can help us with a financial donation, volunteered services, volunteered time, or simply want to find out more information regarding Jordan's Initiative please call us at any time.

Help us to keep Jordan's light shining.....

Best Regards,
Chris and Michelle

Jordan's Initiative is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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